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Essential Cooking: 100th Anniversary of Prohibition

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In Ep. 6 of Essential Cooking, Ann Delisi and co-host Chef James Rigato talk about the legacy of Prohibition, 100 years later.

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What did Prohibition have to do with America’s appreciation of Italian food? A lot, it turns out. Essential Cooking host Ann Delisi and Chef James Rigato look back 100 years to the start of Prohibition and talk about the lasting impact it has had on how we experience food and drink. 

Even after Prohibition, this sort of laid the groundwork for Americans’ appreciation of Italian food, and the rest is history.” - Ann Delisi

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In this episode

  • How Prohibition kickstarted America’s love of Italian food 
  • How cider production in the U.S. is still recovering from Prohibition 
  • The origins of the famous cocktail, The Bees Knees. 

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