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Experts Predict Trump, Biden In Close Race For Michigan

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Image credit: Cheyna Roth/MPRN

Despite former Vice President Joseph Biden’s lead in the polls, Trump has advantages in the electoral college and incumbency.

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The presidential election is now just two short months away and states across the country are gearing up to begin early voting.

The race has heated up with all eyes on newly released polls. Campaigns are also making big financial decisions, determining which states to invest in during this final stretch.

I believe this will be a razor thin election just like last time but there has been more outward support [of Trump] this time around.” — John Truscott, Truscott Rossman

Listen: Where does the state of the presidential race stand today?


Ron Fournier, president of the Truscott Rossman PR firm, says Trump is going into the election with a significant advantage.

This is Trump’s election to lose, he has done such a poor job with the pandemic [among other issues]. Biden does need to get out there more and show heavily Democratic areas that he supports them,” says Fournier. He says that in order for Biden to win he may need to be up five to six percentage points on election day. For this reason, Fournier says Biden should start running as if he is behind.

John Truscott, CEO at the Truscott Rossman PR firm, says that despite what polls are currently forecasting, this presidential election will be a close one.

I believe this will be a razor thin election just like last time but there has been more outward support [of Trump] this time around,” says Truscott. He says that Trump is out there making his case to voters and that Biden needs to match that visibility in order to be competitive.

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