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Miriam M. in Ann Arbor, Camille P. in Grosse Pointe Farms, Clinton W. in Saint Clair Shores, Sarah B. in Royal Oak, Patricia S. in Royal Oak… Zain A. in Royal Oak, Margie L. in White Lake, Carolyn W. in Plymouth, Jamey, S. in Detroit, Lesley M. in Grosse Ile… Amy P. in Oak Park, Seann H. in River Rouge, Joseph M. in Detroit, Ken E. in Lake Orion, Lesley L. in Lakeport… Isabel U. in Saint Clair, Sarah C. in Troy, Michelle H. in Plymouth, Elizabeth K. in Birmingham, Cynthia P. in Almont…

Tribute from Caryn G. Mathes

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SUBMITTED BY: Caryn G. Mathes

RELATIONSHIP TO EDGeneral Manager of KUOW for 21 years, worked with Ed and did on-air fundraising with him many an evening!

There were so many memorable encounters with Ed, but one story speaks to how he never stops growing as a Jazz scholar and presenter. Two words for you: “Jazz Bagpipes”. Yep - You read that correctly; Ed’s desire to always give his audience comprehensive exposure to all that the Jazz genre has to offer, led him to feature FOR DAYS ON END the instrumentation of a Jazz bagpipe player (Rufus Harley maybe?). And he continued to feature this novel presentation (wait for it…) DURING AN ON-AIR FUNDRAISER! You can imagine the “lightning rod” that Jazz bagpipe was, and as his fundraising “pitch partner” I was personally terrified of the alienation of listeners that might occur while we were asking them for money. But you know, Ed is all about exposure of artists and the music to its farthest reaches. I watched in awe as he coaxed his audience to “just give this a listen and let me know what you think! Ring (phone #) 0808 if you’re diggin’ it and want to hear more and 0809 if this isn’t for you. BUT MAKE A PLEDGE OF SUPPORT WHILE YOURE RINGING THAT PHONE!” He was masterful, and the calls — and pledges — came rolling in. What a treasure you are, Ed Love. It is my supreme honor to have worked with you and to call you a friend.

Ed Love | 60 Years of Jazz in Detroit

This post is a part of Ed Love | 60 Years of Jazz in Detroit.

Ed Love is a musical institution. Generations of Detroiters know Ed as the voice who guided us through almost 60 years of "Destination Jazz: The Ed Love Program", playing the classics and introducing us to new music each week on WDET-FM.

Now, into his sixth decade of radio, Love is still working, introducing yet another generation to the jazz tradition and the power of music.

Join us in celebrating Ed Love’s 60 Years of Jazz in Detroit.

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