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Essential Cooking: Detroit Farmer On How Climate Change, Space Challenges Local Growing

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Image credit: Detroit Farm and Garden

In the latest episode of “Essential Cooking,” Detroit farmer Michelle Lutz gives her tips for sustainable agriculture in an urban setting.

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Ann Delisi and Chef James Rigato talk with Detroit farmer Michelle Lutz to discuss the problems climate change is causing for farmers, and how to start your own garden. Michelle Lutz has worked with Detroit Public Schools, Recovery Park, and Buckets of Rain

We have to take a different approach to food. We have to take a smaller, more local approach to it, and be more flexible and far more seasonal.” — Michelle Lutz, farmer

A lot of people want to pursue some type of growing, or a career in growing,” Lutz says, ”but the access to land is still a struggle. The other biggest challenge as a grower is the climate. The climate is continually changing.”

A few tips for your garden from Lutz:

  • Keep it simple, and start small 
  • Make sure you have enough sunlight (or shade) for what you’re planting 
  • Grow what you actually like to eat! 
  • Start with raised beds or containers

Want to try something new in your garden? Lutz says radishes and kohlrobi are the way to go. Listen to the episode to hear Rigato’s tips on how to cook them. 

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