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This Podcast (And Book) About Depression Will Make You Laugh

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Image credit: Pages Bookshop

Even when I was in the darkest and most despairing times of my depression, I still found depression funny,” says Moe.

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Author and public radio host John Moe has had many funny and revealing conversations about coping with mental illness on his popular podcast, “The Hilarious World of Depression.”

Now Moe is telling his story of discovering his own issues with the clinical disorder.

Only by being useful or talented, and receiving external recognition, would I achieve personhood. I couldn’t imagine a world where I was a worthwhile person by dint of mere existence.” — John Moe, author

Moe says he traced his own experiences with depression back to the age of seven, but it took hold severely in junior high. But at that age, he thought it was normal teenage angst. 

To feel despair, terror, agitation all the time… Then it dawned on me: ‘No, this isn’t what [life] is supposed to be,” Moe says. 

His new book, also called “The Hilarious World of Depression,” is a frank look at living and working while struggling with mental health.

Click the player above to hear CultureShift’s Amanda LeClaire talk with Moe about his personal battle with depression and what others can learn from his book.

John Moe will appear at a virtual, live conversation with Pages Bookshop on Thursday, Aug. 13. RSVP here.

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Amanda LeClaire, Host, CultureShift

Amanda LeClaire is host of CultureShift. She spent a few years in the southwest for Arizona Public Media.

amanda.leclaire@wdet.org Follow @amandalee_lec

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