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Meet the Next Generation of Assemble Sound’s Artists-In-Residence

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Keep your eyes and ears out for these 14 musicians in the next few years.

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For the past five years, Detroit music incubator Assemble Sound has cultivated the talents of artists with a year-long artist residency at its Corktown headquarters. 

The program gives musicians who want to turn their passion into a full-time career access to a professional studio, workshops with songwriters, record label executives, audio engineers, and more. 

This year, 14 songwriters, producers, and performers working in genres ranging from electronic to R+B and indie to hip-hop will have the opportunity to take their career to the next level.   

We’re looking for a few things [in our applicants],” says Kaylan Waterman, Assemble Sound’s Residency Program Manager.

Number one, we’re looking for some kind of a proven track record….not as much hobby artists, but those who are really passionate about doing this all the time.”- Kalyan Watermen 

Assemble Sound’s Artists-In-Residence for 2020 are Hala, Curtis Roach, Uribi, Kynzi, whiterosemoxie, Mark Whalen, Supercoolwicked, Primer, Tiny Jag, Michael Tocco, Gabriel Duran, Jay Cribbs, Mayaeni, and Thibault.

Click the audio player to hear Waterman and Assemble Sound’s General Manager Garret Koehler discuss how the residency has grown since 2015.

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