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New Hampshire Primary, Iowa Caucus Set Stage for Long Nominating Contest

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On Warren and Biden: “You could argue that both of them have had a really bad run in the first two states,” says WaPo reporter Annie Linskey.

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Senator Bernie Sanders and former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg took the top spots in yesterday’s first-in-the-nation primary in New Hampshire. Senator Amy Klobuchar clearly gained momentum between the last debate and the primary, with a strong showing in third place. Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Biden — both formerly considered the candidates to beat at one point or another — had less than successful nights.

Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson and Washington Post political reporter Annie Linskey take a look at the New Hampshire primary and dig into the deeper implications and how it could shape the race moving forward.

Click on the audio player above to hear a recap of the New Hampshire primary.


Washington Post Political Reporter Annie Linskey: Linskey says that despite Biden’s relatively unsuccessful showings in Iowa and New Hampshire, he has a bright spot ahead: South Carolina. “He can look to that place to revive his candidacy,” says Linskey.

Looking at Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Linskey says it appears that her trajectory is downward at the moment, noting that the New Hampshire outcome was particularly disappointing for her considering it neighbors her home state of Massachusetts. However, Linskey also notes that it’s still early in the race—perhaps too early to count Warren out completely.

On the subject of Michael Bloomberg, Linskey says “he is really looming over the race” and notes the billions of dollars attached to his campaign as a real strength for him. If he gets an opportunity to throw down with the other candidates during a debate setting, Linskey says you can expect the more liberal candidates Warren and Sanders to go after him aggressively. ”They both like to call him out by name, something they don’t do with other moderate candidates,” says Linskey. 

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