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Disability Focus Group to Propose Dedicated Office in City Charter Revision

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Image credit: Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

An event at the Museum of Contemporary Arts Detroit will highlight how people with accessibility issues experience the city.

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The “Focus Group for People with Disabilities,” an official focus group of the Charter Revision Commission, is organizing an open mic event Sunday, Dec. 8th at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.

The group plans to propose a new Detroit office dedicated to connecting residents with disabilities to resources at the next Detroit Charter Revision Commission meeting. 

Community activist Tariq Luthun says timing was key for this particular town hall gathering. 

Sunday was strategically placed two days before the charter revision commission meeting where we actually will make our full proposal for an office for disabilities.” 

The commission is tasked with proposing changes to the city’s charter, which will be put up for a public vote. Organizers say they want to amend the charter rather than lobby the current administration so that an office will outlast any particular mayoral cycle.

The City of Detroit Charter Revision meeting takes place on December 10th.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit will host the town hall meeting from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm tomorrow.

Tia Graham, Reporter / Anchor

Tia Graham is a Reporter/Anchor for 101.9 WDET Detroit’s NPR station. Keeping busy, Tia loves to workout whenever she gets the chance.

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