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Listen to MYNA, the Indian-American R&B Singer in the Motown Musician Accelerator

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Image credit: Meta Stange/WDET

The Motown Musician Accelerator is a 12-week intensive mentoring program that nurtures the careers of local talent. MYNA is among the 2019 class and delivers an alternative R&B and hip-hop sound.

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MYNA is a lyrical R&B singer with the influences of Jhene Aiko flowing through her visual style and rap-sing delivery. 

CultureShift is profiling musicians in the Motown Musician Accelerator. Click the player above to hear an interview with MYNA

It’s a combination that attracted judges from the Motown Musician Accelerator when choosing talent that would join their 2019 cohort and gain the experience of networking with top industry labels and executives. 

Growing up in America, it’s like I’m growing up in this world where my opinion doesn’t feel like it matters as much.” - MYNA 

Out of a sea of local artists submissions, Suai Kee, director of the Motown Musician Accelerator, a grant and educational program designed to elevate the careers of emerging artists, said that the draw for MYNA was “definitely her voice and the production that she was singing over. It was very hip-hop and a little lo-fi. Her voice cut through everything and I’m like ‘who is that?’” 


Establishing her presence on the music scene throughout Metro Detroit for the past three years, MYNA dropped her debut project “ROY G BIV” in 2018. It plays as a personal narrative verbally illustrating her thoughts on love, finding identity and life experiences. 

I’m an Indian-American growing up in America and I feel like our people don’t get that representation,” she says. “My opinion doesn’t feel like it matters as much.”

ctrl + alt + delete (green) from debut album ROY G BIV 

We’ll have our time and I’m totally patient for it, but the whole album was about me vocalizing how, me as a soul and spirit moving among the world, my authentic thoughts about love, finding your identity and those things could be a mix of everything.” 

MYNA, describes the Motown Musician Accelerator experience as “intense” because she didn’t quite know what she was getting herself into. “It’s a lot of different things being thrown at you like creating your budget, making a plan and following through with it. The accelerator really exposes us to all these different connections.” 

Post written by LaToya Cross 

Interview by Ryan Patrick Hooper 


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Ryan Patrick Hooper, Host, CultureShift

Ryan Patrick Hooper is the host and producer of CultureShift. As a longtime arts and culture reporter.

hooper@wdet.org Follow @HooperRadio

LaToya Cross, Producer, CultureShift

LaToya Cross is a Producer with CultureShift, where she produces in-depth content that spotlights creatives and individuals using their platform to examine, cultivate, shape and shift culture.

Latoya.cross@wdet.org Follow @ToizStory

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