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Detroit Author Shares the Art of ‘Pleasure Activism’ in Latest Book

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How do we make justice and liberation the most pleasurable experiences we have with each other? ‘Pleasure Activism’ explores this question and more.

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Author and activist adrienne maree brown’s most recent book, “Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good” is a call-to-action to remind us that seeking out what feels good is not only enjoyable, but it has the potential to fuel social and political revolution. 

I’ve heard people say, ‘We have to thrive.’ It’s not just thrive,” says brown. ”There’s something delightful to being alive and being conscious of all that’s available and choosing pleasure.”

We say that we care about each other and yet it feels so judgmental and controlling. It doesn’t feel like pleasure.” - adrienne maree brown, author

AK Press
AK Press


Pleasure Activism,” brown’s follow-up to ”Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds,” flew to the top of the New York Times bestseller list this year, putting the multi-hyphenate writer at the forefront of national conversations about how to attain pleasure in a tension-filled world.  

Having done movement work for most of my adult life, I’ve been in so many spaces where I was like, this should feel good. We’re on the right side of justice,” brown says. “We say that we care about each other and yet it feels so judgmental and controlling. It doesn’t feel like pleasure. Or the pleasure is very fleeting. It’s the moment and not our daily identity of being in movement with each other.”

Click the player above to hear CultureShift interview brown about how the author’s life has changed since the release of the book.

Interview: Amanda LeClaire

Post written by: LaToya Cross

Amanda LeClaire, Host, CultureShift

Amanda LeClaire is host of CultureShift. She spent a few years in the southwest for Arizona Public Media.

amanda.leclaire@wdet.org Follow @amandalee_lec

LaToya Cross, Producer, CultureShift

LaToya Cross is a Producer with CultureShift, where she produces in-depth content that spotlights creatives and individuals using their platform to examine, cultivate, shape and shift culture.

Latoya.cross@wdet.org Follow @ToizStory

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