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Southwest Detroit Restaurant Week Offers Diverse Cuisine and Culture

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Now in its second year, Southwest Detroit Restaurant Week organizers are keen on illuminating a different perspective of Southwest Detroit.

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The second annual Southwest Detroit Restaurant Week takes a deep dive into cuisine and culture with a Latin-American flare. 

Featuring 24 of the area’s Latin-American restaurants, the culinary celebration offers a variety of diverse dishes that fit any diet, including vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian. Countries such as the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Venezuela, among others, are all represented.

One of the amazing things about the opportunity people have this year is not only taking a deeper dive into Latin culture through food, [but] reaching beyond what people think of the area as Mexicantown,” says Monica Casarez, co-organizer of the Southwest Detroit Restaurant Week. 

So, we have other countries represented and with intent to dive deeper into the culture as a whole, each of the restaurants are offering special dishes that they created specifically for Restaurant Week that will not be available any other time of the year.”

This is an event that will change the way in which people interact with the whole neighborhood and change the way in which people see and perceive Southwest Detroit.” 

Juan Carlos Dueweke-Perez, co-organizer, also wants to expand perspectives and narratives surrounding Southwest Detroit. 

Particulary because when people think Southwest Detroit, they think the Bagley strip and Mexicantown,” Dueweke-Perez says. “I think it’s really important to say that this is an event that will change the way in which people interact with the whole neighborhood and change the way in which people see and perceive Southwest Detroit.” 

He says it’s also a prime opportunity “to empower Latin Chefs to really admire and honor their heritage, culture and what is needed to be able to create something in the world where in particularly, we as Latinos, have to fit into this space of what people think we should be.”

Tease your tastebuds with just a small sample of what’s available:

Featherstone Moments
Featherstone Moments

Asty Time (Dominican Republic)

Filete de Pescado al Coco: Fish fried or sauteéd in coconut milk with rice and served with plantains. Juan’s review: “It.Is.Bomb. It’s so delicious.” 


Featherstone Moments
Featherstone Moments





Los Altos (México)

Capirotada: A traditional dessert that combines sweetened bread with coconut, raisins and almonds. It is the only dessert being offered.


Featherstone Moments
Featherstone Moments




La Posada (Jalisco, México)

Ceviche Vegetariano: A unique take on ceviche (which is normally fish), this version of the dish is vegetarian, comprised of cauliflower and jalapeños.  






The second annual Southwest Detroit Restaurant Week runs through October 13th. Learn more here.

Click the audio player above to hear Ryan Patrick Hooper’s conversation with organizers Juan Carlos Dueweke-Perez and Monica Casarez about the economic impact of the event and the wide range of dishes you can expect.

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