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Documentarian Stanley Nelson Tells Miles Davis’ Story in “Birth of the Cool”

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In “Birth of the Cool,” the musicians and women in Miles Davis’ life talk about this gifted and complicated artist

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Acclaimed documentarian Stanley Nelson has unearthed never-before-seen footage of Miles Davis to tell the story of a musician who was profoundly talented and obsessed with music, but who also struggled with drug addiction and a violent temper towards the people closest to him.

In the new film, “Birth of the Cool”, Nelson interviews with musicians who worked with Davis and the women who loved him to provide further insight into the professional world and private life of one of music’s most influential jazz artists.

Birth of the Cool” will be screened at the Detroit Film Theater on October 18th and 19th, 2019.

Click the audio player above to hear from documentarian Stanley Nelson and excerpts from “Birth of the Cool.”

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