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Rep. Brenda Lawrence: Pelosi Wants Impeachment Inquiry Complete by Thanksgiving

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Rep. Lawrence, who serves on the House Oversight Committee, says the inquiry process will “expose the facts” so the public can render a judgement at the ballot box.

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Representative Brenda Jones talks with media at a town hall in her home district.Alex McLenon
Alex McLenon

Representative Brenda Jones talks with media at a town hall in her home district.

As Congressional committees move forward with the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, Representatives are away from Capitol Hill — discussing the inquiry with constituents in their home district.

That includes Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence, who represents Michigan’s 14th District and sits on the House Oversight Committee.

There has been clear examples of violations of policy, rules, and overstepping power,” says Lawrence. “I feel very confident that we must move forward with impeachment.”

While public support for impeachment remains divided, Lawrence says Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives are aiming to finish the inquiry sooner than later.

House Speaker “Nancy Pelosi has set a very aggressive agenda,” says Lawrence. “She would like for us to be done by Thanksgiving.”

I’m a firm believer that the ultimate impeachment is the election.” - Rep. Brenda Lawrence

If the inquiry turns up evidence against President Trump, a vote on Articles of Impeachment would then be held in the House of Representatives.  A majority vote in favor would move the articles to the Senate, where Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said he would allow them to go to trial. At least two-thirds of the Senate would need to vote to remove a sitting President.

Lawrence says she knows it’s a tall order to successfully remove a President from office, but supports the inquiry process anyway. 

I’m a firm believer that the ultimate impeachment is the election,” says Lawrence.  “That’s why this process is so important. You have to expose the facts. You have to interview and get the records so that the public can make a decision.”

Lawrence says she hopes all Americans on both sides of the aisle are following the impeachment inquiry and consider all the evidence next time they’re at the ballot box.

Alex McLenon, Associate Producer

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