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AG Nessel On GOP Redistricting Lawsuit: “Just Another Effort to Circumvent What the People Wanted”

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Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel joins Detroit Today to discuss gerrymandering, juvenile lifers and the Flint investigation.

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Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel‘s tenure so far has been aggressive, with hot-button issues from gerrymandering to juvenile lifers grabbing headlines.

Now, her office is asking a federal judge to drop Republicans’ lawsuit against Michigan’s new redistricting commission.

We don’t believe that this lawsuit has any true merit,” she tells Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today. “It’s just another effort, in my opinion, by the GOP to circumvent what the people obviously very much wanted. And this is really our only avenue left at this point to ensure that we don’t have horrific gerrymandering.”

Topics discussed on today’s show: 

Click on the player above to hear Michigan AG Dana Nessel discuss a variety of issues.

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