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Where Democratic Presidential Candidates Stand on Climate Change

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Detroit Today digs into where and how key candidates are approaching an issue that has come to the forefront for the 2020 presidential elections.

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While the Trump administration has rolled back many climate initiatives and staffing at the Environmental Protection Agency is at a historic low, climate change is an issue that is front and center for the Democratic presidential candidates.

It’s getting more attention than in past election cycles and most candidates have plans to reduce greenhouse gases and will not accept campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry. Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson talks about the climate change plans being proposed by the candidates with Kimberly Hill-Knottenvironmental policy activist and President and CEO of Future Insight Consulting. 


I would like to see him focus more on environmental justice and equity,” says Hill-Knott of former Vice President Joe Biden’s climate plan.

However, “I think the doom and gloom message is not as accurate, obviously its urgent, but to say we can’t do anything [isn’t the right approach],” says Hill-Knot of Andrew Yang’s climate message, which he laid out in the Detroit debate last month.

Henderson and Hill-Knott also touch on Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s aggressive stance, and Sen. Warren’s climate policy proposal

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