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Detroit Dirt’s Pashon Murray Celebrates Progress Towards a More Sustainable Community

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Pashon Murray has been all over the world educating communities about the importance of a zero-waste mindset and a low-carbon economy.

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Detroit Dirt co-founder, Pashon Murray, talks with Ann Delisi about how easy it is to compost and how critical it is that we all make an effort to incorporate that practice into our daily lives at this critical juncture for our city and our planet. There are now communities without topsoil to grow food, so making dirt, while at the same time reducing greenhouse gases, is more important than ever and it’s easy to do. 

Ms. Murray has been telling the Detroit Dirt story all over the world for years, since developing a zero-waste mindset and a low-carbon economy model in Detroit in 2010. Now, she’s home to reconnect and continue educating Detroiters on Thursday, August 8th at 6 PM in Cadillac Square for a free celebration and educational event. RSVP here to attend.

Click on the player above to hear Detroit Dirt’s Pashon Murray talk to WDET’s Ann Delisi

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