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Learn Sustainability Tips and Tricks at the Environmental Resource Gala

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Image credit: Adarsa Antares

This free event led by 10 environmental groups is happening in Detroit this Friday, July 26.

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Have you ever wondered what small steps you can take to reduce your waste and be more ecologically conscious?

An Environmental Resource Gala happening at the end of this week will be full of resources and opportunities to learn about the subject. The event’s organizer is retired teacher and sustainability activist Adarsa Antares. 

Antares says that her journey really started about a year and a half ago with a 30-day zero-trash challenge. Now, she’s taking the lessons she’s learned and bringing it to her community.

People often don’t believe this is a crisis, because we’ve been told it’s a hoax, it doesn’t exist,” Antares says. She says the goal of the fair and gala is to fight the depression and helplessness felt when confronting global-scale problems and teaching people solutions they can work into their everyday lives. The programming includes: 

  • How to properly fill your recycle bin so it doesn’t get discarded

  • How to make a meal without making waste

  • How to make fanny packs out of potato chip bags

There will also be a children’s area that will teach kids how to be environmentally-conscious through games. 

Click on the player above to hear WDET’s Anna Sysling interview activist Adarsa Antares.

The Environmental Resource Gala is happening on Friday, July 26th, at St Peter’s Episcopal Church at 6:30 p.m. Admission is free.

Annamarie Sysling, Environmental Reporter and Producer, Detroit Today

Annamarie Sysling is a producer for “Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson.” When she’s not at work, Sysling is likely walking or biking somewhere in the city, listening to a neuroscience podcast or eating ice cream.

annamarie.sysling@wdet.org Follow @asysling

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