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This 70’s One Album Wonder Has Been Sampled by Erykah Badu, A Tribe Called Quest

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One this week’s Sam’s Jams, the 1976 RAMP album “Come Into Knowledge” is considered a classic among rare-groove collectors, despite being the group’s only record.

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This weeks pick is the song “Daylight” by <span class=RAMP. All picks are featured on the Sam’s Jam’s Spotify playlist (updated weekly).bandcamp” />

This weeks pick is the song “Daylight” by RAMP. All picks are featured on the Sam’s Jam’s Spotify playlist (updated weekly).

RAMP (an acronym for “Roy Ayers Music Productions”) was formed by Roy Ayers in 1976. Ayers was not actually in the band, but he did write and produce songs on their album “Come Into Knowledge.”

This was the only album they recorded, and is considered a classic among rare-groove collectors. It’s been sampled many times by hip-hop and R&B artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, Erykah Badu, Common and many others.

Come Into Knowledge” was recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York City and at Record Plant in Los Angeles, California. The group also performed on other songs for Roy Ayers and Edwin Birdsong.

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From 70 years ago to contemporary releases today, Sam’s Jams is the musical equivalent of digging for hours in dusty record store bins to find forgotten-but-should-be-remembered deep cuts pulled from the genres of funk, jazz and soul genres.

Sam Beaubien, Creative Producer

Sam Beaubien is a musician, composer, producer, and educator in Detroit. He is also the founder and leader of the acclaimed ensemble, Will Sessions.


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