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Detroit Photojournalist Tells Stories of War and Migration

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Image credit: Annamarie Sysling

Stephen talks with a Detroit-based audio and visual journalist who is back after documenting life in the Middle East and Central Mediterranean Sea.

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Detroit photojournalist Kenny Karpov has been back in the city since January, after spending the past several years documenting war-torn and ravaged parts of the world that most of us only see on the news.

Stephen Henderson (right) with Kenny Karpov (left)Annamarie Sysling
Annamarie Sysling

Stephen Henderson (right) with Kenny Karpov (left)

Karpov has lived those experiences, in the Middle East and the Central Mediterranean Sea, and now he’s working to share all that he experienced — and photographed — in a forthcoming exhibition and book titled, “Despite It All We Never Learn.”  

The book documents the lives of people at various stages of their migration to Europe through the Mediterranean Sea. He speaks with Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson about the collection of essays that he wrote. The essays are written based on the very conversations he had with migrants, in hopes of accurately telling their stories.

Click on the audio player above to hear Stephen Henderson interview Kenny Karpov.

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