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Ann Delisi talks with Brad Gladstone of Urban Bee LLC Who Set Up a Beehive In Her Backyard This Spring

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Image credit: Brad Gladstone

Bees are responsible for pollenating over 80% of our food. Our access to a continued healthy food supply depends on their survival.

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Essential Music Host, Ann Delisi, talks with Urban Bee, LLC owner and beekeeper, Brad Gladstone, about the fascinating world of some of natures hardest workers. During this interview he explains in great detail, the inner-workings of a beehive, the different bees that comprise a colony and what we can all do to help these buzzing pollenators thrive. In addition to Ann Delisi’s hive, Urban Bee LLC has beehives on top of Mabel Gray restaurant in Hazel Park and at Rising Stars Academy. If you are interested in putting a beehive in your yard or at your place of business, contact Brad Gladstone at http://www.urbanbeellc.com. 

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