Automotive Giant Bob Lutz Reflects On Industry 10 Years After Bankruptcies

Bob Lutz

This month marks ten years since the historic bankruptcy of GM, which followed Chrysler’s Chapter 11 filing earlier in 2009, and the financial collapse of the American auto industry.

Now, ten years later, those companies are in much better shape. But there’s some concern of another downturn for carmakers.

Bob Lutz is a giant of the automotive industry. He served as the top executive of all three major American automakers. According to the Automotive Hall of Fame, “Bob may have had his thumbprints on the launch of more cars and trucks than anyone else in the history of the American car business.”

On Sunday, he’ll serve on the car selection committee during Willow Run Airport’s second annual “Wings & Wheels” show, which will benefit the Yankee Air Museum.

Lutz joins Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson to talk about his career, how he views the state of the auto industry and the event this weekend.

Click on the player above to hear that conversation.

Image credit: Lutz Communications

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