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Detroit Food Entrepreneurs Bring A Childhood Indian Snack to the U.S. and They Call It POPLETTES!

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Image credit: Ridhisha Rugani

The founders of Poplettes created a popcorn alternative using popped sorghum sourced in the U.S and manufactured in Detroit

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Essential Music Host, Ann Delisi, talked with the founders of Poplettes about the origins of this mini-popcorn snack that is healthier than popcorn and doesn’t get stuck in your teeth. The flavors include White Cheddar, Bollywood Masala, Mediterranean Magic and Sea Salt and is now being sold around the country. Working with FEAST in Eastern Market, Poplettes has been approached by schools to provide a healthy snack for kids and the hope of getting their products into movie theaters, as well. Visit poplettes.com for more information. 

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