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Sam’s Jams: Hudson People, “Trip To Your Mind”

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From the 1979 12” single, “Trip To Your Mind / Power To The Hour”

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This weeks pick is "Trip To Your Mind" by Hudson People. All picks are featured on the Sam's Jam's Spotify playlist (updated weekly).Meta Stange/WDET
Meta Stange/WDET

This weeks pick is “Trip To Your Mind” by Hudson People. All picks are featured on the Sam’s Jam’s Spotify playlist (updated weekly).

Hailing from the UK, the Hudson People are a funk outfit who blended jazz and funk effortlessly. The group was short lived and didn’t have much success, only releasing three singles. The song “Trip To Your Mind” was released in 1979 as a 12” single, and like many of my Sam’s Jams picks, this is a rare collector item that is a favorite of today’s dance-floor deejays.


Sam’s Jams is the weekly song selection of WDET’s creative producer Sam Beaubien, a longtime Detroit musician who also helms the soul-funk band Will Sessions.

From 70 years ago to contemporary releases today, Sam’s Jams is the musical equivalent of digging for hours in dusty record store bins to find forgotten-but-should-be-remembered deep cuts pulled from the genres of funk, jazz and soul genres.

The Sam’s Jams Spotify playlist will update with a new song on Mondays after airing on CultureShift, so bookmark this page to find your new favorite song each week.

Sam Beaubien, Creative Producer

Sam Beaubien is a musician, composer, producer, and educator in Detroit. He is also the founder and leader of the acclaimed ensemble, Will Sessions.


This post is a part of Sam's Jams.

Each week, WDET creative producer and longtime Detroit musician, Sam Beaubien, digs through the archives to bring you a song you might not have heard before, but are sure to love! Catch it live Monday and Thursday on CultureShift.

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