U.S. House Members Push Plan to Stop ICE from Deporting Iraqis

Andy Levin

U.S. Rep. Andy Levin says many Iraqis who face deportation also face persecution if sent back to their native home.

A bipartisan group of U.S. House members, including most of Michigan’s Congressional delegation, wants the Trump Administration to stop sending some Iraqi’s already scheduled for deportation back to their native home.

Last year a federal judge in Detroit ordered the Iraqi’s freed, ruling they faced torture or death if deported because many of them are Christians.

But an appeals court overturned that decision.

Now Michigan Congressman Andy Levin is introducing legislation calling for a two-year halt to the deportations.

Levin says his 9th Congressional District has more Iraqi-born constituents than any other district in the nation.

He says for those he represents who are Chaldeans – Iraqi’s who are Christian – deportation is truly a matter of life and death.

Levin talked about the situation with WDET’s Quinn Klinefelter.


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Image credit: Eli Newman / WDET

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