Mobile Ad Effectiveness and The First Impression

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There is something to be said about making a good first impression. However, what if that first impression lasts less than half a second?

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A recent article in The Wall Street Journal CMO Today section focused on a study by the neuroscience research company Neurons Inc. for the Mobile Marketing Association, a trade group of marketers, agencies, media sellers and technology players shared that consumers took 400 milliseconds to see and react emotionally to 67% of mobile ads tested. If one second is equal to 1,000 milliseconds- that is less than half a second!

This new research is leading some brands to re-examine their creative strategies as well as the industry’s emphasis on longer exposures.

On desktops, it took two to three seconds to hit the same mark, according to the researchers, who said they used eye-tracking and EEG monitoring to measure what 900 participants saw and how they responded.


So, how do you optimize your mobile and desktop creative to get that great first impression? Some techniques include opening your ad featuring human faces looking directly at the camera or the product, using color and contrast to make something stand out, depicting strong emotions, and delivering more complex or more simple compositions than the surrounding feeds. In other words, avoid boring, expected, generic images, colors and shapes.

Of course, it also matters what you do with your ad creative after the first second.  Nevertheless, ad creatives need to keep in mind that strong first impression. 

Click here to read the rest of the article including quotes and strategies from national brand experts from Chipotle, 1-800 Flowers and Choice Hotels.


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