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Milo Minute: Escaping Pavement, Honey Monsoon, and My Girlfriend Beru

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Image credit: Otus Supply

Each week, Detroit music journalist Jeff Milo previews some of the best live shows happening in the region.

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Brian Rozman
Brian Rozman

Click the audio player above to hear the full conversation. CultureShift airs weekdays 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. on 101.9 WDET-FM Detroit Public Radio.

Longtime Detroit music journalist Jeff Milo’s byline appears in publications locally and globally. He’s been plugging ears into the Detroit scene for years with his prolific Deep Cutz blog and his YouTube series, The Milo Show.

Each week, Milo gives us a rundown of can’t-miss shows in and around the Detroit area. 

Friday, March 22nd

Escaping Pavement Album Release Party at Otus Supply

Emily Burns and Aaron Markovitz met in California while they were studying music in school and came back home in 2012 to Michigan to form an Americana-rock band called Escaping Pavement. They are versatile musicians who can play in most any genre, but something pretty darn magical happens when they fuse their voices in perfect harmony and add acoustic guitar and mandolin. They’ve been making a serious go of it out there around the country on tours, so they’ve appropriately titled their new EP “The Road Warrior”. The Barbarossa Brothers are also on the lineup Friday at Otus Supply. 

Honey Monsoon Album Release Party at The Loving Touch

Honey Monsoon’s new single, “Cloud,” is a sweet groove with almost a disco beat. It’s not pop, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel as fun, or at least as lively, as pop! Honey Monsoon incorporates a visual-art element into their performances, so there’s stimulus for the ears as well as the eyes. Their show at the Loving Touch is the first time they’re playing this batch of new tunes for a live audience. The rest of Friday’s show includes White Bee, Kesswa, and Sara Marie Barron.

Saturday, March 23rd

My Girlfriend Beru joins Toledo band Violent Bloom at Old Miami

Dallas-based psych-rock band Monoculture is coming to town to open up for a Toledo band called Violent Bloom. Ann Arbor’s My Girlfriend Beru rounds out the bill. Their solid indie-rock is melodic and rhythmic, and their songs are interesting in that they can be both aggressive-ish and tuneful at the same time, almost like Dinosaur Jr.

Chirp Album Release at The Blind Pig

The Ann Arbor based quartet known as Chirp are putting out a new album this weekend. Their specialty is a hybrid of progressive rock, with funk and jazz-fusion. They’ve established a reputation for being one of the Michigan music scene’s most engaging live performers. They’re celebrating their new self-titled album in their hometown, at the Blind Pig, with Hannah Rose, The Graves Tones, and Biomassive. 

Jeff Milo , Reporter, CultureShift

Jeff Milo is a Reporter for CultureShift. He’s a longtime music journalist documenting the Michigan scene for 15 years.

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