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Heard on Ann Delisi's Essential Conversations Podcast

Ann Delisi’s Essential Conversations: Allee Willis

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Image credit: Dennis McLain

Songwriter and Multi-Media Artist, Allee Willis, talks about working with Earth, Wind & Fire, her time with Bob Dylan and James Brown and the “September”

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Joan Isabella
Joan Isabella

WDET presents Ann Delisi’s Essential Conversations podcast. 

Hosted by Detroit storyteller Ann Delisi, this interview series recognizes the creative spirit of local and national celebrities. 

In each episode, Delisi sits down with local and nationally recognized professionals in the fields of music, news and the arts for insightful conversations exploring their work and inspiration.

In episode eight, Delisi speaks with Allee Willis, as she talks about writing hit songs for Earth, Wind & Fire, working on Broadway, and shares stories of some of the biggest names in music.

We started September the very first day” says Willis. “When I walked in, actually, they were working on the intro, and I just thought ‘ this is the happiest sounding thing I’ve ever heard. ‘ Please let this be!”

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Ann Delisi, Host, Ann Delisi Essential Music

Ann Delisi will guide you through the “essential music,” both new and familiar, that’s shaping our culture and feature music made in Detroit every hour.

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