Duggan Tries to Make Case City’s Comeback Equitable, Reaching Neighborhoods

Jake Neher/WDET

Branden Hunter (left) and Luther Keith (right)

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan gave his sixth State of the City speech on Tuesday.

Duggan, as he does most years, touted the city’s progress since he took office and said its comeback is reaching into many of Detroit’s neighborhoods.

He focused on job training, housing, education, and building the city’s economy for the middle class as well as low-income Detroiters.

What did the mayor say — or not say — about the state of the city in 2019 that could shed light on the progress Detroit has made and the issues residents still face?

Luther Keith is the executive director of ARISE Detroit!

Branden Hunter is a Detroit-based journalist who writes for the Michigan Chronicle.

Keith and Hunter join Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson to unpack Duggan’s speech and the state of the city.

Click on the audio player above to hear that conversation.

Image credit: Quinn Klinefelter/WDET

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