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Detroit Photographer Bre’Ann White’s New Photo Exhibit is Stunning

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Image credit: Bre'Ann White

Detroit photographer Bre’Ann White’s exhibit “Definition of Red” celebrating dark skin and the color red comes to Playground Detroit.

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"Red Moon" by Bre'Ann White (2019) featuring Ronis, a South Sudanese model. White's exhibit "Definition of Red" explores the contrast of dark skin tones and the color of red.Bre'Ann White
Bre’Ann White

Red Moon” by Bre’Ann White (2019) featuring Ronis, a South Sudanese model. White’s exhibit “Definition of Red” explores the contrast of dark skin tones and the color of red.

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Detroit photographer Bre’Ann White has a new solo exhibition now on display through March 16th at the gallery Playground Detroit called “Definition of Red.”

White and the duo behind Playground Detroit — Paulina Petkoski and Samantha Bankle Schefman — stopped by the WDET studios to talk about the exhibit.

The show is … different biblical and high-fashion images just to highlight dark skin and then the accent color red that represents so many things,” says White, who worked with South Sudanese model Ronis for the series.

White says she wants to make a big impression on her audience with “Definition of Red.”

I want people to walk away with love and confidence especially among the black community,” says White. “I want them to feel prideful of how they are — they skin, they nose, they hair. I want people to just feel love and embrace everybody when they leave that show.”

Click on the audio player above to hear the full conversation with photographer Bre’Ann White about her exhibit now on display at gallery Playground Detroit through March 16th.

Ryan Patrick Hooper, Host, CultureShift

Ryan Patrick Hooper is a host of CultureShift and longtime arts, culture and music reporter.

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