Ann Delisi’s Essential Conversations: MC5 Guitarist Wayne Kramer

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In episode two, Delisi speaks with MC5 guitarist and author Wayne Kramer about the beginning of MC5, their legendary album Kick Out the Jams, and his recently published memoir The Hard Stuff

What struck me is the unbelievably un-wise decisions I’ve made,” says Kramer looking back on his life. “My complete delusions. My grandiosity is off the charts. That and my shallowness knows no limits.” 

Being raised by a single mom and not having a father to model what being a man meant. How does one go about being an honorable man? A man that can be depended on. I was, kind of, left with half the equation. The mom side I was pretty good on. But, you know, a mom can’t be a dad. So, that left me with an emotional deficit and…I thought I could fill up that deficit by standing in front of a thousand people and demanding that they’re affectionate to me.” 

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