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Local Expat and Expert React to Latest Brexit Kerfuffle

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What comes next could alter British politics and its economic and cultural future, perhaps forever.

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Tim PamplinJake Neher
Jake Neher

Tim Pamplin

We have many of our own political quagmires in America right now — but across the Atlantic, in England, a really interesting one has been unfolding too.

This week, the British House of Commons held two important votes — one was a monumental defeat for Prime Minister Theresa May, and the other was a minor victory. Lawmakers said no to her Brexit plan to leave the European Union by a historic margin, but then she survived a vote of no confidence.

That leaves Britain and the EU in a lurch.

What comes next could alter British politics and its economic and cultural future, perhaps forever.

Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson speaks with two people with connections in both Michigan and the UK.

Tim Pamplin is a British expat and Night Cam reporter with WDIV news in Detroit. Pamplin has been following the Brexit story closely since the 2016 referendum.

Amanda Sloat is the Brookings Institution’s Robert Bosch senior fellow on foreign policy at the Center on the United States and Europe. She grew up in Grand Rapids, is a Michigan State University graduate, and did her PhD and postdoctoral work in the UK.

Click on the audio player above to hear the full conversation with Pamplin and Sloat on Detroit Today.

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