Inside “Bird Box”: Michigan Author Talks Wild Success of Netflix Movie Based on His Debut Novel

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The cover of Michigan author Josh Malerman’s debut novel “Bird Box,” which has been turned into a film of the same name currently streaming on Netflix.

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What happens when 45 million people watch a movie based on your book?

It’s the sort of life-changing experience that Ferndale-based author Josh Malerman knows firsthand as his 2014 debut novel “Bird Box” has become a Netflix movie starring Sandra Bullock that the internet can’t stop buzzing about.

It’s been an absolute eruption,” says Malerman, who also serves a songwriter and frontman for longtime Detroit band the High Strung.

Whatever is happening,” adds Malerman, “I’m just glad it’s happening to me now at, like, 40 rather than, like, 20 because it’s overwhelming now but I kind of like being overwhelmed.”

While the movie based on Malerman’s book spawns viral challenges and vaults the title onto the New York Times best sellers list, the local author and musician is already plotting the release of his next book “Inspection” (out this April via Del Rey Books / Penguin Random House) and the release of the High Strung’s new album “Quiet Riots.”

Every year, I try to write an album and two novels so that’s the same goal this year,” says Malerman.

Click the audio player to hear the full conversation with Michigan author and musician Josh Malerman about the success of his novel “Bird Box.” Watch the trailer for the Netflix film “Bird Box” below:

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