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Snap Judgement Host Glynn Washington Talks Growing Up In A White Supremacist Cult In Michigan

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Detroit, music, organic farming, religion, cults, Japan, law school. Glynn gets to it all.

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Snap host Glynn Washington warms up his voice with the Detroit Today team before the show.Jake Neher, WDET
Jake Neher, WDET

Snap host Glynn Washington warms up his voice with the Detroit Today team before the show.

Glynn Washington is the host of SNAP Judgement, the storytelling program set to a beat.

Washington and SNAP came to Detroit this fall with their live stage show. He stopped by Detroit Today to join host Stephen Henderson for conversation about his life, and what brought him to public radio. 

Washington and Henderson talk about; why Glynn’s family moved from Detroit to a rural farm in the thumb region of Michigan, growing up in a white supremacist Christian cult, leaving the cult and travelling the world… all before heading off to law school and stumbling into storytelling with SNAP.

It’s a conversation you won’t want to miss.

Click the audio player above to hear that conversation, which first aired on Detroit Today on October 26, 2018.

You hear Snap Judgement on WDET on Wednesdays at 2 PM, and Sundays at 7 PM

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