2018 WDET Michigan Beer Bracket: Only the Final Pour Remain

The 2018 WDET Michigan Beer Bracket has entered the Final Pour after originally nominating the top 32 beers from around the state.

Bell’s Two Hearted Ale will take on New Holland Brewery and their Dragon’s Milk stout.

Old Nation Brewing knocked off a duo of Founders beers to advance two of their own IPAs — M-43 versus Boss Tweed.

Your votes will decide which two beers advance to the championship round — vote now.


The 2018 WDET Michigan Beer Bracket in all of its glory.

Here’s how it works:

  • Vote for your favorite Michigan beer using the form below or by clicking right here.
  • We’re voting for individual beers from Michigan breweries, so if it’s made in the state of Michigan — it counts!
  • Beers with the most votes will advance to the Championsip in the 2018 WDET Michigan Beer Bracket on Monday, October 29th (voting for this round ends at midnight on Sunday, October 28th).
  • The remaining rounds include the Championsip (10/29 - 11/1) with the inaugural winner of the 2018 WDET Michigan Beer Bracket announced on Friday, November 2nd.

Also worth mentioning:

  • Base your vote on the quality of the brew from the taste, flavor and even design of the label.
  • We’re using the honor system here, so please don’t game the system & vote for your favorite beer multiple times — let the voice of the people be heard!

Vote for your favorite beer below:

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