Top Trump Official to Tout Strong U.S. Economy at Meeting in Detroit

A key Trump Administration official heads to Detroit this week to tout the strength of the U.S. economy.

The head of the National Economic Council will outline how the White House is ending what he calls “the war on business.”

Republicans are using the booming U.S. economy as a key campaign issue ahead of the upcoming midterm elections.

Now National Economic Director Larry Kudlow will bring a similar message to a meeting of the Detroit Economic Club.

Last week Kudlow told reporters renegotiating a new trade deal with Mexico and Canada alone will help companies safeguard intellectual property and keep jobs in the U.S.

 “I think we made terrific progress in a number of areas including IP, which is one of the key parts, as well as opening up dairy markets and helping our automobile industry and our blue collar workers.”

Kudlow also cites corporate tax cuts, regulatory reforms and the lowest unemployment rate in five decades as signs of the success of White House polices.

The National Economic Council Director says the U.S. is seeing business grow despite concerns over tariffs imposed by the Administration…

The Ford Motor Company, for one, says the Trump Administration’s tariffs on steel and aluminum imports could cost the automaker as much as a billion dollars.

Other companies complain the ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China could cause tremendous economic damage.

But Kudlow says President Trump will not relent until China meets specific conditions.

A level playing field, zero tariffs, zero non-tarriff barriers, zero subsidies, play by the rules, no stealing of technology or theft of IP.

Those are his goals,” Kudlow says.

He adds that he believes some companies are using fears over tariffs as cover to hide their own bad business decisions.

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