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Love and the Universe: Comedian Matthew Starr Looks to the Sky for Relationship Advice

Matthew Starr

Click on the audio player to listen. CultureShift airs weekdays at 12 p.m. 

Science fans and comedy lovers will find common ground in Hamtramck this week when comedian Matthew Starr brings his one-man show, Dark Matter, to the Planet Ant Theatre.

On Thursday, September 13th, he’ll take the audience on a voyage through time and space as he tries to understand his failed relationships and, in turn, the universe.

WDET’s Amanda LeClaire speaks with Starr about balancing comedy and astrophysics on stage.

Starr says the idea for his latest show came about when he decided to take on the challenge of writing stand-up about dark matter, a scientific phenomenon he knew nothing about.

As Starr was writing, he consulted with scientists to make sure the information was correct.

The science is all real,” he says. “That was honestly the hardest part of writing the show.”

Starr says, “As a lay-person, when I say ‘universe’ and when I say ‘galaxy,’ to me, they pretty much mean the same thing. To an astronomer, they’re very different.”

Get tickets to the show here: Planet Ant Theatre.