How Alice Cooper Helped Change Punk Rock Forever

Rob Fenn

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If you were born and raised here, you’ve definitely heard Alice Cooper’s signature snarl on your radio. 

Growing up in Michigan, it’s easy to take a track like Alice Cooper’s “I’m Eighteen” for granted — especially since homegrown acts such as Cooper and Bob Seger get some of their biggest airplay on metro Detroit stations.

Cooper’s “I’m Eighteen” is from his 1971 album, Love It to Death. Love It was Cooper’s third record and was a milestone album for the genre of metal and punk rock particularly.

WDET’s Ryan Patrick Hooper looks back at the seminal “I’m Eighteen” and how Alice Cooper influenced a generation of young punks in the United States and overseas.

Alice Cooper’s new live album A Paranormal Evening at the Olympia Paris is out Friday, August 31st. 

Image credit: Courtesy of Alice Cooper

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