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This couple’s partnership began at a jazz club in the Cass Corridor.

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Detroiter Spencer Barefield first met his wife, Barbara, while playing at Cobb’s Corner, a now shuttered jazz club in the Cass Corridor.

Husband and wife, Spencer and Barbara BarefieldStoryCorps

Husband and wife, Spencer and Barbara Barefield

I wanted to let you know that I was someone well outside of the mainstream,” he recalled to his wife during their interview in the StoryCorps Mobile Booth last year.  “I sensed that you might be someone I could just be myself with and talk to and that you might actually like me for that.”

In this segment of StoryCorps Detroit, Spencer and Barbara Barefield discuss the beginning of their relationship, their ties to the Detroit Institute of Arts, and the coalescing of art and family.  

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Chris Calandro, Associate Producer

Chris Calandro is a Detroit based musician

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