Detroit Animator Brings Series “The Dandyriffs” to the Planet Ant

Dean Denell

A still image from Detroit-based artist Dean Denell’s animated series “The Dandyriffs,” which will screen at the Planet Ant in Hamtramck on Thursday, August 2nd.

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While new art exhibitions and large-scale murals garner lots of attention, animators bring multiple elements of the arts to life via illustration, motion and sound.

Dean Denell is a Detroit-based animator whose series The Dandyriffs (watch below) will be part of the Comedy Slice Block Party at the Planet Ant Theatre in Hamtramck on Thursday, August 2nd. You can find more information about the event right here.

I’ve had this idea for a while now about a show that involves lice on somebody’s head, so you can see where this is going,” laughs Denell. “It’s kind of this gross but cute web series.”

You can watch a clip from the first episode of The Dandyriffs below. Watch the entire series over at the show’s official YouTube page.

Image credit: Dean Denell

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