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MichMash: Who’s ‘Over The Line’ In Dispute Between AG Schuette, Civil Rights Commission?

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Jake Neher and Cheyna Roth channel their favorite characters from ‘The Big Lebowski’ to help explain the situation.

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WDET Digital

The saga of the Michigan Civil Rights Commission versus Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette continues. 

The commission, which handles civil rights complaints and investigates those claims, will continue to take cases from people who feel discriminated against based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. That’s despite an opinion from Schuette saying the commission was out-of-bounds when it decided to start taking those cases.

As part of their weekly series MichMash, Jake Neher and Cheyna Roth talk about how this issue could have sweeping implications for all Michiganders.


To help explain the situation, Neher and Roth channel the characters The Dude and Walter from The Big Lebowski to delve into claims from both sides that the other is “over the line.”

Click on the audio player above to hear that conversation.

Neher and Roth talked about this issue back in July 2017 and about the economic implications of more inclusive civil rights policies and laws in Michigan. 

Cheyna Roth (left) and Jake Neher (right) AnnMarie Scaramuzzino/WDET
AnnMarie Scaramuzzino/WDET

Cheyna Roth (left) and Jake Neher (right)


Jake Neher, Producer, Detroit Today

Jake Neher is a producer and reporter for Detroit Today. He has formerly reported on the Michigan legislature.

Jake.Neher@wdet.org Follow @GJNeher

Cheyna Roth, Reporter

Cheyna has interned with Michigan Radio and freelanced for WKAR public radio in Lansing. She’s also done some online freelancing and worked on documentary films.

CRoth@MPRN.org Follow @Cheyna_R


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