Model D Tells Stories of Detroit’s Cody-Rouge Neighborhood

Detroit’s Cody Rouge neighborhood is the subject of a new reporting project by Model D Media.  The website has embedded a journalist in the neighborhood to tell the stories of residents in the area. 

Biba Adams is the project editor for Voices of Cody Rouge.  Aaron Mondry is the managing editor for Model D.  

Mondry says residents play the most important role in the series.

We want residents to have control over the direction of the series – the ones who know best what’s happening in their neighborhood.” 

He says the residents are the ones who have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the community.

Mondry says, “We want this to be their series.”

Project editor Biba Adams says her immersion in the neighborhood has prompted her to fall in love with the area.

One of the things I find really fascinating about Cody-Rouge is the difference between a community and a neighborhood,” says Adams.

For me, I find that the level of engagement they have with one another, the love that they have for their neighborhood, like Aaron said, the local pride that they have in Cody – the high school.”

She says, “They’re very committed.”

WDET and Model D are working together to tell more stories of Detroit’s neighborhoods.

You can find the Cody-Rouge stories here.

Image credit: Jerome Vaughn

This post is a part of On The Ground.

This story is a part of a partnership between WDET and ModelD/Metromode’s On The Ground series, which focuses on deep, embedded reporting in neighborhoods and cities throughout the region to bring stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to make their communities better. Find more stories in the partnership here.

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