Latest Trump-Iran Tensions: Danger, Distraction, Or Both?

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Peter Trumbore

President Donald Trump was back on Twitter again this week denouncing Iran, this time, in harsh terms and insinuating war or destruction at the hands of the United States.

Here’s what we know — the thin and fragile beginnings of diplomatic ties between the U.S. and Iran under President Obama have been shattered in just a couple short years under Trump.

What we don’t know is how Iran will react to such harsh rhetoric, or if Trump is playing at a dangerous game by trying to distract from the Russia kerfuffle by creating a Twitter dust-up with another adversary.


To help unpack these latest tensions between Trump and Iran, Stephen Henderson speaks with Peter Trumbore, professor of political science at Oakland University.

On the scale of tweet-as-distraction, I think what the president did late Sunday night was in a different category,” says Trumbore.

Underlying that war of words are some very real tensions and some very dangerous flash-points across the region, where unintended consequences could ensue if people aren’t really careful.”

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