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Framed by WDET — Delray Hardware Store Weathers the Storm


Kenny Karpov

David Zamitt, Owner, Lockeman’s Hardware and Boats

Framed by WDET pairs storytelling with photography to create a dynamic experience that reflects local culture from the perspective of communities and local artists who call Detroit home.


The Framed by feature, Delray: Beyond Isolation, is saturated with notes of pride, disappointment, and hope. In 2014, photographer Kenny Karpov and WDET producer Laura Herberg captured the sounds and scenes surrounding residents and entrepreneurs in this industrial and more isolated community on Detroit’s southwest side.  In this story, Herberg speaks to David Zamitt about Lockeman’s Hardware and Boats, one of few neighborhood businesses persevering in Delray.


The hardware side of the business now is… basically a break even. It’s not a money maker any more,” says Zammit. “The marine side is strong; we do very well. We’re coming up on 100 years being in business.  So, as far as I’m concerned we’ll make it another hundred.”


Framed by WDET continues to evolve, and this year we’re partnering with Grand Circus Magazine to bring this series of stories and photographs to life in a photo book and gallery exhibition. Learn how you can support WDET and back this project at
To hear more about Detroit’s Delray community, click the audio player above. 

Image credit: Kenny Karpov

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