Milo Minute: The Paybacks, Blackmail, and Sugar Coats

Courtesy of Jeff Milo

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Longtime Detroit music journalist Jeff Milo’s byline appears in publications locally and globally. He’s been plugging ears into the Detroit scene for years with his prolific Deep Cutz blog and his YouTube series, The Milo Show.

Each week, Milo gives us a rundown of can’t-miss shows in and around the Detroit area. 

Friday, June 29th 

Jrae, Dabberall, Blackmail and Shiva at The Old Miami. 

The return of late 90’s and early 2000’s rock legends The Paybacks at Outer Limits Lounge

Saturday, June 30th 

Album release party for Sugar Coats at Outer Limits Lounge.

Wasabi Dream, 3FT, and Dark Red at the Ghost Light

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