Framed by WDET: Jeff and Gada

Going beyond the lens of decay and revitalization, Framed by WDET offers a balanced perspective to the mainstream media’s common narrative about what is happening in and around Detroit.

In the Framed by feature, Hummus Heartland, seemingly disparate cultures and cuisines intersect and amplify the importance of community and relationships. Photographer Marvin Shaouni and Producer Zak Rosen tease our taste buds with photos of meals bursting in color and conversations with people sharing their most treasured foods with their favorite people.

Marvin Shaouni

The story, Jeff and Gada, highlights a Muslim family’s decision to relocate outside of their comfort zone in Dearborn, Michigan to a new neighborhood. Upon arrival they meet their Jewish neighbors, and the relationship blossoms as they share regular meals over hummus, pizza and other cuisines.

Framed by WDET continues to evolve, and this year we’re partnering with Grand Circus Magazine to bring these photographs and stories to life in a photo book and gallery exhibition. Find out more about what’s next for Framed by WDET at

Click the audio player above to hear Jeff and Gada’s story.

Image credit: Marvin Shaouni

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This post is a part of Framed by WDET 101.9 FM.

A series of traveling audio-visual exhibitions that integrate photography and audio storytelling to present the stories of ethnic and cultural communities throughout the Detroit region. Produced by WDET 101.9 FM.

This project is supported by individual contributions, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, National Endowment for the Arts, The Kresge Foundation, Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan and our series sponsors.



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