Georgia Graham moved to Detroit three years ago and embraced life in the city. She was a fan of WDET and Essential Music, and the sister-in-law of one of Ann Delisi’s closest friends. Diagnosed with incurable cancer, Georgia ultimately decided to refuse further treatment to prolong her life. She began thinking about her memorial service and the music she wanted played there. She asked Ann to help curate the playlist.

When Ann met with her, the conversation turned to the subjects of life and death and they determined that it was a conversation worth recording, so Ann returned a month later and recorded this conversation complemented by some of the songs from Georgia’s playlist. 

The two speak of living and dying and hope that it will be of comfort to those who hear it. 

Georgia Graham passed away on June 2, 2018 at 6:45am while listening to her playlist.

Image credit: Ann Delisi

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