No Talent Losers: 16+ National Artists to Exhibit at Hamtramck’s KO Studio Gallery

KO Gallery

On Saturday, a new art exhibit, “It’s So Warm In The D,” will open at the KO Studio Gallery in Hamtramck.

Curated by artist Tatiana Suarez, the month-long exhibition features paintings from over 16 artists from across the country.

Each artist will be displaying their work on a custom wood panel built by organizer and co-curator Craig Hejka.

Hejka is a member of an arts collective No Talent Losers. “It’s So Warm In The D” is the first show put on by the group.

WDET’s Ryan Patrick Hooper speaks with Heika about curating the exhibition.

I like to think I’m an enabler of artists,” says Hejka.

I get to help them in ways that they may not be versed” such as “building canvases and stretchers and frames.”

That came in to play with the show because I was able to create a uniform size wood panel and send it out to each of the artists,” he says.  

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Image credit: Brian Butler's "I Forgot Kid Rock" (2018)

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