Search Underway for Remains of Missing Michigan Girls

Police in Macomb County are searching a wooded area for the remains of as many as half-a-dozen young girls.

Officials say they have probable cause that girls missing for several decades could be buried there.

In 1986 a man named Arthur Ream talked a 13-year-old girl into meeting him at a Dairy Queen in Eastpointe.

He was later convicted of killing her and is now serving a life sentence.

In 2008 police found the girl’s remains after Ream led them to a creek in Macomb Township, roughly 20 miles north of Detroit, where he said he’d buried her.

Now police are searching that area again, saying they have good reason to believe that 12-year-old Kimberly King, who disappeared in 1979, is buried there and perhaps another half-dozen girls as well.


Officials won’t release the names of the others they are digging for but confirm the search involves a recent prison interview with Ream.

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