Wayne State, Detroit Medical Center Extend Partnership for Six Months

Wayne State University officials say they are extending a partnership with the Detroit Medical Center for the next six months.

The university and the hospital system had recently vowed to sever their century-old relationship.

Quinn Klinefelter/WDET

Wayne State provides medical services and administrative help to the Detroit Medical Center and many physicians from the hospital system teach at the university’s medical school.

But that seemed to be at an end last week, when both the university and the owners of the Medical Center said they would dissolve the partnership, citing incompatible visions for the future and an increasingly acrimonious relationship.

The fallout from that decision would impact thousands of patients and hundreds of doctors.

Now the president of Wayne State, M. Roy Wilson, says in a statement that the two sides have agreed to extend their existing contract for another six months.

Wilson says a joint advisory committee will search for a “new working model” for the two institutions.

The committee will help transition services to other providers if Wayne State and the DMC cannot reach a long-term agreement.

Both sides have indicated they have been exploring other partnerships.

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