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Outdoor Access: Parks Across Metro Detroit At Your Fingertips


More than 2600 parks, playgrounds, trails and other recreation spaces can be found at the touch of a finger. The new Park Finder App offers specific details about recreation spots across Metro Detroit. The project is a collaboration between the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments or SEMCOG and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Executive Director of SEMCOG, Kathleen Lomacko, says the Park Finder App has specific details on each place.

You can search by location and you can search by trails. And in the trails category you could say ‘do I want a paved trail, do I want a nature trail, so there’s quite a bit of detail that that enables residents the opportunity to find out what’s out there and what’s near them” -Kathleen Lomacko, SEMCOG

Lomacko says data used for developing the app comes from local municipalities, which gather the information for planning purposes.


Image credit: SEMCOG

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